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About Timas Royan

About Timas Royan

Timas Royan been busy venture, merger, rebranding and our look and our focus in market and industry since about 2019. 

Timas Royan Technology and Trading Company“ has begun to take part in this journey since January 2021, as a result of merging 3 companies together.

  •  “Pasha Metal Industries Group”
  •  “Bayan-e-Hekmat-e-Noor company” 
  •  “Development of information and communication technology Timas company”.

Why "Timas Royan"?

Perhaps the most important thing that encourages businessmen to choose “Timas Royan” Company more than other companies, is that it offers them one or more of these advantages:

  •  Many customers know us as a business trader, supplier, provider and an Independent Manufacturer.
  •  We partner with trusted suppliers.
  •  We maintain full accountability for all of our transactions with our customers and strive to only have the best of the best in business relationships
  •  Better quality products.
  •  Stronger guarantee for the process of import, export, and transport.
  •  Arranging everything related to negotiations to obtain the best prices. 
  •  Arrange the receipt of goods and its accompanying processes of packing, packaging, and internal shipping, in addition to exporting the product to the importing country.
  •  Facilitating customs clearance and shipping operations by specialized experts.
  •  Wider market, extra production options, and more alternatives.
  •  Faster handling, stronger interest, and instant professional communication.
  •  Competitive prices.
  •  Fast delivery and shipping.

We are working to provide the necessary support in the field of business trading and technology, starting with specifying the best suppliers and manufacturers and choosing the best resources in Iran, which is known for its vastness and abundance of options.

We through our practical experience in the Iranian markets, in addition to our extensive contact with a large segment of traders, industrialist, technologist, providers and suppliers, have felt the need for a safe and more attractive alternative among the traders, factories and companies who are importing from Iran, they needed an alternative that keeps them fully informed about the Iranian markets and their hidden treasures and real opportunities.

What We Do?

In short, we are a critical trading partner for global entities. Via our integrated business model, we maximize profitability our partners and customers and ensure them that Timas Royan Technology and Trading Company’s system is optimized and well-balanced. 

We suppling, providing, transporting, and delivering a variety of commodities and services reliably and safely across the globe, bolstering market connectivity between producers, purchasers and consumers – a vital service.

The world around us is changing day by day. The exchange between nations has been in steady alteration due to quick changes in what is in request and how they can be satisfied. Their co-working, joint venture and Participation together to have a solid and compelling nearness in worldwide markets is what is the driving force all through the world.

Timas Royan
Timas Royan

So as the demands of our marketplace continuous change, we are focused on continuing to provide quality products at the best possible price for our customers, with a strategy focusing on our core businesses, expanding technology, trading and service lines within these markets and continuing to grow and innovating our trading, suppling, providing, manufacturing and distribution. We are confident that we will continue to meet the demands of our most valued asset, our customers.

Timas Royan is a multi functions Enterprise with many Services. you can discover the different products, commodities, services and solutions we offer to corporations. We help your business with our experience to growing and expanding, also we help to industries and factories in renovation, innovation, compatibility and competitiveness

We have provided global services and solutions in the following cases:

The history of civilization in Iran goes back to 7000 years old ago and one of the columns of this civilization had been trade with other nations ever since.

Advances in technology are defining the business and economic landscape worldwide, creating an environment of disruption and transformation that touches Hi-Tech organizations no matter what their size

Maybe you ask us, what is custom manufacturing?

Ok, there are two types of products: Stock Items (mass produced) and custom manufactured products.


As you know Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services refer to a form of contracting arrangement used in the construction and engineering industries, when a customer hires a contractor to perform the entire work cycle.

From evolving customer expectations and emerging technologies to more nimble companies entering industries, businesses today are more at risk for disruption than ever before.

Board & Management

Reza Akbari

Head of Commercial Dep.

Reza Akbari

Energy Department Manager

Reza Akbari


Reza Akbari

Investment Manager