Iran, Tehran, Gholhak, Gol-e-yakh St, No. 1, Unit 301


Iran Handicrafts: The Miracles of Iranian Skilled Hands

As a vast land, Iran offers thousands of handicrafts and artworks manifesting the prolific Iranian culture. Iranian art and architecture reflect a 10,000-year-old cultural tradition with a significant development over history. Numerous artists have produced beautiful items that are known throughout the world. The extent and breadth of these branches can be divided into several subclauses, which indicate the diversity and flourishing of the level of traditional arts and its roots in the rich history of Iran.Woods and bones, copper and silver, gold and gemstones, silk and wool, are all the raw materials turn into exquisite Iran handicrafts by the artist craftsmen and craftswomen, they do a miracle and pour their feelings and cultural concepts into these traditional handicrafts. That is the reason Persian handicrafts are priceless, whereas other artworks in the world.

In this unit we have the possibility of supplying and exporting the following Handicraft: